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partial chord ties in second alternative

From: Patrick Schmidt
Subject: partial chord ties in second alternative
Date: Fri, 04 Sep 2009 19:02:12 +0200

hi folks,

is there a way to achieve repeated ties of selected notes of a chord in an 
alternative ending (apart from using a "polyphonic approach" in a homophonic 


\repeat volta 2 {
   <e b e~ g~ b~ e~>1
\alternative {
   { <c e g b e>1 }
   { <c e g b e>1 }

The \repeatTie command can only be used outside of chords which would create an 
open tie for all the notes of the chord in the second alternative. But here I 
would like to engrave a repeated tie only for the higher notes (e g b e) of the 

Thanks for any hint!

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