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Re: Contemporary music documentation

From: Mark Polesky
Subject: Re: Contemporary music documentation
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 17:22:22 -0700 (PDT)

Joseph Wakeling wrote:

>      (i) Would people be interested in having this in the docs?
>     (ii) Any requests or suggestions for topics that should be covered?
>    (iii) What are the restrictions on including examples from actual
>          contemporary scores?  I'm not thinking huge extracts, but maybe
>          a couple of bars from a known work just to illustrate how a
>          particular thing can be achieved.
>     (iv) Anyone interested in helping out with this?

I've already done a ton of work on keyboard tone-clusters
and percussion pictograms, but my Windows hard drive
tragically fried last week, and I won't be able to do any
LilyPond work until next Wednesday at the earliest, and
that's when my work starts up again, so I may be delayed
quite a bit. If you're willing to wait several weeks for
me to get my act together, I'm happy to help out as time
permits. This is of course in addition to all the other
stuff I was helping out with before I lost the hard drive
(code cleanup, doc fixes, GLISS stuff, parser
documentation, fixing autochange, auto clefs, smart
arpeggios), all of which will now be seriously delayed.


Well at the very least, don't waste your energy on
clusters or pictograms. Maybe I can have a proof of
concept for one or both some time before October.

And in case you're worried, I did back up most of my work,
but some of it I'll have to re-do. Oh well.

Hope everyone's well though!
- Mark


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