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Re: [Fwd: lilypond on eee pc]

From: Jan-Peter Voigt
Subject: Re: [Fwd: lilypond on eee pc]
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 2009 09:35:26 +0200

Hello eeePc-Users,

Ubuntu and Kubuntu both come in 'netbook remix' form.  I think that
has more to do with user interface than with size of the install,
but it's worth looking into.
That's right, I am using Ubuntu Netbook Remix on an eeepc 900a. I think its worth looking at to see, if the model is supported well.

Ubuntu has the stable (2.12) release of Lilypond in its repositories
and I think there is someone who maintains a Launchpad PPA with
the latest 2.13 and other related packages.
Yes, the UNR is a complete distro, so you have to watch your diskspace, but it means you can install anything incuding lilypond. I used the distro version 2.12.1 and lately installed 2.13.5 from the x86-any-download. Both run fine here :)

This is not a good workingmachine because: I get headaches from working on a 7" screen ;) But its really great that I can fix mistakes and typos on the road and print resulting PDFs almost anywhere I find a printer!

It should be possible to try a live-image, if there is enough memory.

Good  luck to you,
another lilypond fan ;)

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