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Can't get started-no matter how hard I try

From: Ami Magori Cohen
Subject: Can't get started-no matter how hard I try
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2009 05:56:24 +0000 (UTC)
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Thank you very much for this software,and for your help.
After having read about this wonderful software,I have downloaded it and tried 
to get started,but i'm stuck!When I open the software,I see a blank page with 
the title 'Lily Pad'-typing the basic commands didn't produced any notation
[though the test went fine .for houers I read the tutorials etc..but I can't 
find where did I go wrong.I dont see any of the screensots that i'm supposed 
to see[as in the 'Crash Course'].
When things will be clear to me ,I think I will be one of the enthusistic 
members of Lily Pond[think that this will be the first step of moving to 
Up til now i'm a windows user,I use a registerd Finale's Print Music.The fact 
that I can work only on one licenced computer[especially when it's not working 
right],besides of Finale's lacks-drives me mad!
Details;I use a R61 Lenovo,Windows xp pro,IE8[browser],I downloaded Lily Pond 
2.10.33-1 for Windows.Thanks,thanks and thanks!!!

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