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Re: title on a separate page (Susan Dittmar)

From: Patrick Horgan
Subject: Re: title on a separate page (Susan Dittmar)
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2009 13:20:15 -0700
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Frederick, using 2.13.4, with your version of the title on a separate page, I get 434 instances of:

programming error: note head has no event cause
continuing, cross fingers

and 217 instances of:

programming error: these accidentals do not have a pitch
continuing, cross fingers

It follows a pattern, with 2 of the no event cause one's folloed by one of the do not have a pitch ones, 217 times.

I get just the same errors from valentin's, and a similar pattern from kieren's which then seg faults.

Do you know why?


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