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Feature Request: Store Measure Numbers in Annotation

From: Jonathan Wilkes
Subject: Feature Request: Store Measure Numbers in Annotation
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 22:04:16 -0700 (PDT)

     I made a feature request on the Lilypondtool page to be able to jump 
to any measure in the pdf viewer, and the creator of the software 
mentioned that this is really a feature request for Lilypond, so I'm 
posting his response here.  Here is Mr. Fodor's response to my request:

"If LilyPond stored the measure numbers in the annotation it would be possible, 
but not otherwise. So it's a feature request for LilyPond. (I think that would 
be easy to implement in LilyPond.) Actually LilyPond could generate a lot of 
other information in a separate file, because when rendering a grob, it has 
access to the Music element that renders the grob."

I guess this relates also to another feature request I mentioned- I think 
it would be really useful to know the list of possible slur 'positions 
Lilypond chooses from when it compiles a score.  Basically, I'd like to 
compile a score, and if I need to tweak a slur, choose from a list of 
possible 'positions, rather than entering values and compiling until 
Lilypond "jumps" to what it thinks is the next satisfactory slur shape.



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