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Re: Problems with Lilypond Tool/JEdit

From: Nick Payne
Subject: Re: Problems with Lilypond Tool/JEdit
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 2009 21:13:55 +1100
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Mark Austin wrote:
2009/10/10 Nick Payne <address@hidden>:
Mark Austin wrote:
Having downloaded 2.13.4 for Windows, and not having used Lilypond for
a few weks, I tried to complie a new tune. In attempting to convert to
the new version, I got this error from Lilypond Tool: --edit "C:\Users\Mark Austin\Documents\Marks
Files\Folklore\Mumming Plays\Music\"
c:\Program Files\LilyPond\usr\bin\python: can't open file 'c:\Program
Files\LilyPond\usr\bin\': [Errno 2] No such file or

Similarly, when trying gto compile a tune, I get:

LilyPond ready.
%lilypond %args "C:\Users\Mark Austin\Documents\Marks
Files\Folklore\Mumming Plays\Music\"
ERROR: In procedure primitive-load-path:
ERROR: Unable to find file "ice-9/boot-9.scm" in load path
Processing time:  3  seconds

All the files convert and compile OK under the command line, and files
that used to compile return the same errors.

Have these files moved or something?

The 2.13.4 default install dir is now C:\Program Files\GNU_LilyPond and not
C:\Program Files\LilyPond...

That explains it. Is there a patch available?

Yes. Go to plugin options in jedit for lilypondtool and change the lilypond path to the new location...


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