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No svg output ?

From: craigbakalian
Subject: No svg output ?
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 2009 19:11:51 -0400

Hi all,

Am I missing something?  I thought I could output to svg in lilypond.  I
can't.  I am running Ubuntu 9.04.  This is my terminal --

> address@hidden:~$ lilypond
> GNU LilyPond 2.13.5
> Usage: lilypond [OPTION]... FILE...
> Typeset music and/or produce MIDI from FILE.
> LilyPond produces beautiful music notation.
> For more information, see
> Options:
>   -d, --define-default=SYM[=VAL]      set Scheme option SYM to VAL (default: 
> #t).
>                                         Use -dhelp for help.
>   -e, --evaluate=EXPR                 evaluate scheme code
>   -f, --formats=FORMATs               dump FORMAT,...  Also as separate 
> options:
>       --pdf                           generate PDF (default)
>       --png                           generate PNG
>       --ps                            generate PostScript
>   -h, --help                          show this help and exit
>   -H, --header=FIELD                  dump header field FIELD to file
>                                         named BASENAME.FIELD
>   -I, --include=DIR                   add DIR to search path
>   -i, --init=FILE                     use FILE as init file
>   -j, --jail=USER, GROUP, JAIL, DIR   chroot to JAIL, become USER:GROUP
>                                         and cd into DIR
>   -o, --output=FILE                   write output to FILE (suffix will be 
> added)
>       --relocate                      relocate using directory of lilypond 
> program
>   -v, --version                       show version number and exit
>   -V, --verbose                       be verbose
>   -w, --warranty                      show warranty and copyright

and if I run lilypond -fsvg I get no svg file.
What am I doing wrong?

Craig Bakalian
560 Keswick Drive
Yardley, PA 19067

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