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Re: position text markup relative to barline

From: James E. Bailey
Subject: Re: position text markup relative to barline
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 16:24:20 +0200

I don't know exactly how your music is set up, but \mark may be what you want.

On 11.10.2009, at 16:08, Daniel McBrearty wrote:

Hi all,

Must say I like this software, just discovered it a few days back.
Been working on a chart the last few days and learning as I go. Very
impressive output, and I like the structured way of inputting notes
... one thing I like is that lp allows me to structure musical
sections. I have include files that define the parts that given
instruments have for various parts of the song, and then top level
files that define scores for individual instruments or all. So, from
the same set of incudes, I can generate a piano reduction with or
without vocal line, or a "lead sheet" (melody line with chords, with
or without lyrics ... )

This approach though leads me to want to put markings like "DS al
Fine" between sections, like this:

pianoright = { \pianoRightIntro \pianoRightChorus \pianoRightVerse ... }

and now my "Fine" mark might want to sit between two sections like this:

\pianoRightChorus ^"Fine" \pianoRightVerse

Problem is that as the text needs to be linked to a note, not inserted
between sections like this, that doesn't work.

Any suggestions?

thank you!


sax, clarinet, guitar, vocals, composer

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