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cadenza at beginning of song

From: chip
Subject: cadenza at beginning of song
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 12:26:52 -0700
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I am working on a song that has a free time cadenza at the beginning, but am having a problem with the other instruments rests for the duration of the cadenza. Also, the notes of the cadenza run to the right edge of the page and disappear, the notes don't wrap down to create another staff.
thanks -

Below is a fragment of the piece -

TrumpetOne = %\transpose d e
   \relative c'' {
f8 e r4 r8 c f e
f e r4 r f8 e
e2 d
b16 as b c d c d e f2
e8 d r4 r8 d e d
e d r e f4 e
c2 cs
d b

Alto = %\transpose d b
   \relative c'' {
c16 d ef f g2. bf4 af g2. f16[ ef d f] d ef c2 d8 bf16 c g1 c16 d ef f g2 c8 b a16 g f e d c d e2 b c1~ c1 \bar "||"
a8 g r4 r8 f a g
a g r4 r a8 g
g2 f
b16 as b c d c d e f2
g,8 f r4 r8 e a g
a g r g a4 g
e2 e
f g

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