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Re: Transpose for pattern sheets

From: Peter Berlau
Subject: Re: Transpose for pattern sheets
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 18:20:36 +0200

Hi Tim,

I have corrected the range to be playable for saxophone.
I do step chromatic because, however, I faster memorize patterns if I
exercise in that way.
After that I vary intervalls as Dick Grooves practice templates ;-)

My saxophone hero is Sonny Rollins, I also like Dexter Gordon and
Jerry Bergonzi very much and Seamus Blake, Wayne Shorter and many
others also.

I just figured out some Coltrane patterns to lock to his structures,
especially "Giant Steps" period, the permutation stuff ;-)

Keep swingin'

 Am Wed, 21 Oct 2009 09:10:41 -0500
schrieb Tim McNamara <address@hidden>:

> On Oct 21, 2009, at 4:13 AM, Peter Berlau wrote:
> > I have done writing done some patterns of my favorite sax players
> > and like to transpose this patterns to any key.
> >
> > I found a solution but I am not sure if this is a elegant method,
> > also maybe it is more useful to make use of the enharmonics to make
> > the sheet more readable. Is there any (much) better soulution?
> Looks like good code to me, the end result seems fine, but it also  
> looks like several of the transpositions result in notes out of the  
> range the saxophones.
> Reading through it might be easier if you backcycle by fourths  
> instead of ascending chromatically (e.g., from the keys of C to F to  
> Bb to Eb, etc.) since this only changes one flat per key.  It is  
> traditional to practice this way; however, if you want to be playing  
> Coltrane stuff, he often didn't move through the keys that way.   
> There's little point in making things too easy when trying to master  
> Coltrane's music.
> I've always felt sorry for his accompanying musicians- Trane worked  
> on those tunes at home for months- such as "Giant Steps"- and then  
> sprung them on his colleagues in the studio, giving them only a
> short time to prepare before recording.
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