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Re: website so close, and yet so far

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: website so close, and yet so far
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 23:58:14 +0100
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On Sat, Oct 24, 2009 at 10:54:02PM +0100, Ian Hulin wrote:
> Graham Percival wrote:
>>   Apparently, nobody knows what Denemo is.  (or else nobody can be
>>   arsed to send me a bloody two-sentence description)
> (From
> Denemo is a music notation program for Linux and Windows that lets you  
> rapidly enter notation for typesetting via the LilyPond music engraver.  
> Music can be typed in at the PC-Keyboard, or played in via MIDI  
> controller, or input acoustically into a microphone plugged into your  
> computer's soundcard.
> Denemo itself does not engrave the music for printout - it uses LilyPond  
> which generates beautiful sheet music to the highest publishing  
> standards. Denemo just displays the staffs in a slim and efficient way,  
> so you can enter and edit the music efficiently.
> My bit:
> Denemo is a wisiwig front-end editing program for generating Lilypond  
> scores.

Hmm.   Could you edit this down to 2-3 sentences?  I'd like it to
fit with the rest of the page.  It might be good to play up the
WYSIWYG / gui  aspect, to contrast it with the other editors?

In an ideal world, I'd like to have a sentence or half-sentence
about why we don't all use denemo -- I mean, the major problem
with lilypond (from a beginner's point of view) is the text-only
input.  Maybe add something about the limited functionality, lack
of tweaking... whatever it is that makes lilypondtool /
frescobaldi / etc  a worthwhile alternative?
(the last part is only for bonus marks; I'd be happy with the 2-3
sentence edit)

> I've attached a screenshot if you want it.  (I don't use this editor  
> myself, I prefer LilypondTool in JEdit and Frescobaldi.)

I'd like to have a screenshot, but there's a lot of blank space in
that view.  Also, the "grab the whole desktop / grab the window"
thing is visible.

Could you resize the window to avoid so much blank space
(especially horizontally -- to match the rest of the page, I'd
like it only 400 pixels wide), and take it again without the
screenshot thing?
on OSX, I think it's "option-apple-f4 space" to get a screenshot
of the current window... a quick google would find the answer.

>> -    Introduction->Alternative input
>>   Apparently, nobody knows what emacs or vim are.  (or else nobody
>>   can be arsed to send me a bloody two-sentence description)
> Emacs is a text editor with language-sensitive capabilities for many  
> different computer languages.
> Emacs is a highly extensible editor and can be used as an Integrated  
> Development Environment.
> There is a 'lilypond mode' which supplies the language definitions for  
> working with Lilypond source files.
> It is one of the two most popular editors on Unix/Linux Systems,  
> although the GNU implementation is available for all platforms.
> Vim is the other popular text editor for Unix/Linux systems and is an  
> extension of the older Unix vi editor.  It is also extensible and  
> configurable and available for most platforms, including Linux, Unix,  
> Windows and MAC-OS.

Thanks, taken.  I'll remove the part about platforms, since the
alternate editor page has little icons to indicate the OSes.

An emacs person might want to say something about the emacs
lilypond mode, but if they want to contribute later, that's fine
with me.  At least we have *something* to go there now.  :)

- Graham

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