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Re: Codas / Trios

From: Anthony W. Youngman
Subject: Re: Codas / Trios
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2009 02:20:09 +0000
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In message <address@hidden>, Anthony W. Youngman <address@hidden> writes

I'm surprised ... after a bit of work it got me where I needed to be! Thanks very much.

I'm still not totally happy, in that because I separate layout and notes, I now need to insert dummy bars all over the place, but at least it looks like I want.

Mmmm - I'm not at all happy now I've played with it ... is there any way I can get the text to take the space it needs? (rather than using spacer notes?) I've tried \textLengthOn - that doesn't seem to work.

The trouble with using spacers to create the space is (a) it doesn't always work, and (b) if you separate notes and layout then the space required will vary from part to part - on a march card you can't afford to waste space!

Next job - move text inside a volta alternative rather than above it ... I think I've seen how to do it, all I need to do is find it again ...

Anyways, I attach the modded snippet so anybody who wants it can see what I've done - it's a pretty typical layout on a march card ...


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Anthony W. Youngman - address@hidden

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