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RE: Adding voices

From: Erik Appeldoorn
Subject: RE: Adding voices
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 13:12:42 +0100

Thanks Simon and Kieren, Indeed the r1 was the culprit. I will add the |
marks from now on.


> in both these parts you had a 4-beat rest (r1) in a 3-beat bar. the
> error message about a barcheck failing was also being output.
> misplaced bars and beats will almost always cause a score to end up
> looking weird. at which point it's a good idea to read the process log
> to see what errors turn up. lily can be fairly verbose, but you can
> normally spot your errors through the log. another good practice is to
> _always_ use bar checks in your scores. where you expect a bar-line,
> put | in your score. if the beats are off at this point, lily will
> scream at you. :

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