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Re: Inline score inside markup - bugs in music alignment

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Inline score inside markup - bugs in music alignment
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 11:13:26 +0100
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"Jiri Zurek (Prague)" <address@hidden> writes:

> your tweak of the score inside markup is indeed a GREAT improvement. I
> altered the scm/define-markup-commands.scm according to you suggestion
> and the score inside markuplines is now split into multiple lines as
> necessary.  Nevertheless, for flawless output, I can see still one
> problem, regarding the start of the staff. The staff always begins at
> the start of a new line, leaving the previous line of the text half
> empty. This is not the case when the music is very short: then it is
> exactly in-line (i.e. staying at the same line as the surrounding
> text), but when the music is multi-line, it always tends to start at a
> new line. This is not so big problem, but when you need justified
> lines in the markupblock - and you do need justified lines in a
> top-quality publication - then this will ruin the half-empty line
> before the score, since the words will be spaced very wide apart
> (please see the appended example). This is not quite acceptable.

In such an arrangement, justified text is simply a bad idea to use.  The
same problem occurs with typesetting mathematics when writing inline
formulas of more than a few characters in length.  I would always prefer
avoiding music line breaks in text.  To make this work not just by
accident, ragged-right is better to use than justified text.

David Kastrup

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