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From: Erik Appeldoorn
Subject: tempter
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 16:00:16 +0100

Can I tempt anyone?


After learning on one voice only pieces, I have now finished my first multi-voice / multi-file piece.

The resulting pdf looks fine but I’m open to feedback. Would anyone be tempted to give it the once over and give that feedback?


Some info on the project:

For my choir I’m restoring a piece once performed in 1892.

The score has only survived in bits and pieces which I’m attempting to put together again.

With lylipond I have started with part 4. choir SATB and organ. Choir 44 bars text and notes. Organ notes completely missing at this point.

Project has 8 files. SATB, organ RH and LH, a style file to replace the time signature and the main file that binds it all together.


Hou je goed / Keep well,




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