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Re: tempo mark in large score for each group

From: Frédéric Bron
Subject: Re: tempo mark in large score for each group
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 08:11:14 +0100

> I just checked Honegger's score for Jeanne d'Arc and tempo marks are above 
> the top staff and then below for the strings.  I've looked in the manual 2.12 
> and snippets and I don't see a way to do this.
> I tried setting it for the top instrument in each group and that did not work.

The attached example must be what you are looking for with some
additions I use (I also put rehearsal marks, volta repeats, text
spanners and bar numbers at StaffGroup level and the line below all
staves has only rehearsal marks and bar numbers).

Best wishes,


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