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changing a snippet in the LSR

From: Marc Hohl
Subject: changing a snippet in the LSR
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 21:49:13 +0100
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how can a snippet in the LSR be corrected?

is not perfect, it should look like


%LSR Contributed by Frederico Bruni

%% Hide fret number: useful to draw slide into/from a casual point of
%% the fretboard.
hideFretNumber = { \once \override TabNoteHead #'transparent = ##t \once \override NoteHead #'transparent = ##t \once \override Stem #'transparent = ##t
                  \once \override NoteHead #'no-ledgers = ##t %<--- NEW

music= \relative c' {
     \grace { \hideFretNumber d8\2 \glissando s2 } g2\2
     \grace { \hideFretNumber g8\2 \glissando s2 } d2 |
\grace { \hideFretNumber c,8 \glissando s } f4\5^\markup \tiny "Slide into"
     \grace { \hideFretNumber f8 \glissando s } a4\4
     \grace { \hideFretNumber e'8\3 \glissando s } b4\3^\markup \tiny "Slide 
     \grace { \hideFretNumber b'8 \glissando s2 } g4 |

\score {
   \new Staff {
     \clef "G_8" % <--- NEW
\music }
   \new TabStaff {
\music }


otherwise the tablature won't fit to the displayed notes; moreover, the ledger 
of the hidden notes are still visible (ok, if the clef is G_8, then the ledger lines won't be there anymore, but for sake of maximum usability, the
snippet should be prepared for users sliding around on the sixth string :-).



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