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Figured Bass-Alignment - follow up

From: grisu_76
Subject: Figured Bass-Alignment - follow up
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 06:38:02 -0800 (PST)

Dear Members,

a while ago I discussed with Neil (thanks again!) th alignment of the

for illustration, see the attached examples:

_default: as it is programmed in 2.12:
here, the combination of accidentals and numbers work well, but if one uses
the accidental solely (i.e. the third is changed) a small accidental makes
diffuculties in reading 

_fontsize_0: with the changed font-size in the translation-functions:
changed fontsize causes unexpected results regarding to the y-position of
numbers with accidentals especially in combination with the natural-sign 

_definition_changed: with Neils suggestion to solve the alignment-problem:
the y-position of accidentals with numbers now work perfect;

in addition, from the state of practice, it would be great if anyone has an
idea to solve the following: 

if one uses the accidental solely (see above) the y-position is different
(clearly seen if extenders are used); is there a way to handle accidentals
eqal to the numbers (in respect to the y-position) if they are used solely? 

thanks and best regards, Christian
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