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Re: Glissandos

From: Xavier Scheuer
Subject: Re: Glissandos
Date: Fri, 7 May 2010 17:13:47 +0200

2010/5/7 Ossie Wilson Snr <address@hidden>:

>  [...]
> I have been using cross headed notes, arpeggios (with hidden notes),
> zigzag glissandos (also with hidden notes) etc to show these effects.
> However, I have struck a few problems.
> 1)                   I would like to be able to vary the width and lengthy
> of the zigzag on glissandos to better indicate the variation in pitch to be
> obtained.

For the width use:
  \override Glissando #'zigzag-width = #2  %% default: 0.75

For the length I would do it with hidden notes in parallel small value:

  g2\glissando c  %% normal
  << { g2\glissando c }  %% bigger space -> longer glissando
    \new Voice { \hideNotes \repeat unfold 8 g16 g2 \unHideNotes } >>

> 2)                   Where noises vary from low pitch to high pitch
> and back down again, I have been using a series of connected
> glissandos (hidden notes) but there are gaps where the hidden notes
> are missing.  I have attempted to close these gaps by adding to the
> length of the individual glissandos by changing the appropriate
> bound-details. This does lengthen the glissandos appropriately but
> also raises their angle from the horizontal so that the missing note
> space remains but at a higher pitch. I tried to avoid this by using
> the same function but using X instead of Y e.g.
> #’(bound-details right X).  This did not work but showed no error in
> the log and did not show the glissando at all in any shape.
> I realize I am completely ignorant when it comes to modifying the
> behaviour of LP objects and rely on what I am able to read that
> someone else has devised.

I am completely ignorant about that too.

But according to the doc (internals) the #'bound-details value should
be in the form:
#'((right (attach-dir . 0) (padding . 1.5)) (left (attach-dir . 0)
(padding . 1.5)))

Which code did you try actually?


Xavier Scheuer <address@hidden>

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