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between-system spacing issue

From: Tom Cloyd
Subject: between-system spacing issue
Date: Sat, 08 May 2010 04:32:47 -0700
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Lilypond code:

This is four pages. I cannot cut it without losing the problem.

Three solutions to the problem of getting enough space between systems that it's clear which staff the stuff above and below a staff belongs to - none of which work right.

1. When I control number of systems on a page using "between-system-spacing #'padding = #8" (see line 28) or "...= #9". RESULT: I get gaps at the bottom of some of the page. The systems are not evenly spaced across a given page.

2. Comment out that line and use only \pageBreak insertions. RESULT: page 1-3 are fine, but page 4's systems are too close.

3. Use both #1 & #2, to try to solve the page 4 problem. RESULT: Page 4 is OK, but at least one of the other pages has a gap at the bottom.

This is a simple goal. I don't see the solution, however.

Can anyone help?


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