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Re: between-system spacing issue

From: Xavier Scheuer
Subject: Re: between-system spacing issue
Date: Sun, 9 May 2010 00:42:59 +0200

Here's another possible solution.  ;-)

2010/5/8 Tom Cloyd <address@hidden>:

> Lilypond code:
> This is four pages. I cannot cut it without losing the problem.
> Three solutions to the problem of getting enough space between
> systems that it's clear which staff the stuff above and below a staff
> belongs to - none of which work right.
> 1. When I control number of systems on a page using
> "between-system-spacing #'padding = #8" (see line 28) or "...= #9".
> RESULT: I get gaps at the bottom of some of the page.  The systems
> are not evenly spaced across a given page.
> 2. Comment out that line and use only \pageBreak insertions.
> RESULT: page 1-3 are fine, but page 4's systems are too close.
> 3. Use both #1 & #2, to try to solve the page 4 problem.
> RESULT: Page 4 is OK, but at least one of the other pages has a gap
> at the bottom.
> This is a simple goal. I don't see the solution, however.

Why do you want a \pageBreak at this place?  Is there a special reason?
This is really what makes LilyPond feel uncomfortable...

I did a
  \paper {
    annotate-spacing = ##t
to see what happened.

Actually the space between your systems is far greater than both
"space" and "minimum-distance" in your 3 first pages (because of your
\pageBreak at measure 60) but are "normal" for the 4th page.

Instead of increasing the value of between-system-spacing #'padding,
you'd better increaser either "space", either "minimum-space" (or both)
so you won't encounter these gaps at the bottom of the page.
Additionally, this is what they are intended for.

  between-system-spacing = #'((space . 16) (minimum-distance . 12)
(padding . 1))
  %% default values (2.13.19): space: 12, minimum-distance: 8, padding: 1.


Xavier Scheuer <address@hidden>

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