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Page layout for piano four hands

From: u_li
Subject: Page layout for piano four hands
Date: Sun, 9 May 2010 03:16:52 -0700 (PDT)

Dear list/forum,

I have written a score of a four hand piano piece. 
Now I want to produce the 'practical edition', which should be as follows:
- The first player gets a 'normal' piano score on the right pages, the
second on the left pages
- both scores must have identical page breaks, optionally line breaks (I'll
have to try both to decide whether it is necessary).

Is there a way to produce such a kind of parallel page breaking
automatically? If I'd do it by trying and inserting manual \pageBreak-s, I'd
have to do this again everytime I change the page or staff size or anything
(If I end up doing it manually, I would at least use a separate voice for
the breaks, that can easily be switched).
Using a rigid approach with fixed number of bars per line isn't possible as
the material is quite irregular.

If I have to produce the two scores separately, is there an option to use
only odd/even page numbers for a score? Otherwise I'd have to import the
pages individually in a page layout program to produce the final score.

I hope this is understandable English.
And of course I also hope there is a practical solution for the problem.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

P.S. well, actually it's two pianos, eight hands, but that's not that
important for the start. In the end I should probably have two books with
identical page breaks. No idea how to accomplish this automatically ...
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