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Ties over 2 voices

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Ties over 2 voices
Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 13:34:42 +0100

I have a piece of music as shown in the attached image. I've set this in LilyPond using 2 voices, the first having the 2 quavers before the bar, then a tie to the quaver after the bar, together with the barred semi-quavers. This set of 3 notes is forced stem down with \stemDown. In the second voice I've put the lower crochet, and duplicated the quaver/semi-quaver barred notes, stem down. It looks OK, but not surprisingly results in errors for clashing note columns. I know I can turn the error off, but was wondering if there's a better way of doing this that doesn't rely on simply writing one set of notes on top of another identical set.

LilyPond snippets:

Top voice:

\voiceOne  f''8 [  c''8 ~  ]   |
\stemDown < a' c''>8 [ < a' c''>16< a' c''>16 ]  \stemNeutral  \oneVoice

Lower voice:

\voiceTwo  a'4 ~   |
< a' c''>8 [ < a' c''>16< a' c''>16 ]  \oneVoice

Thanks in advance.

Phil Holmes

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