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Text cresc *without dashed line* and Y-offset

From: Xavier Scheuer
Subject: Text cresc *without dashed line* and Y-offset
Date: Fri, 14 May 2010 17:18:38 +0200


I'm trying to do something very simple (basically a Dynamic directly
followed by a textual crescendo *without dashed line*), but I'm not
able to achieve the output I want.

I tried Reinhold's new postfix \cresc with
  \override DynamicTextSpanner #'dash-period = #-1.0
but unfortunately, although the dashed line is not printed, it is still
taken into account when calculating the Y-offset of the \cresc .

See the following minimal example:

  \score {
    \relative g' {
      \override DynamicTextSpanner #'dash-period = #-1.0
      g4\p\cresc g g g
      g4 g g g

I want the "p cresc." to be not that far from the staff.

Of course I could add a \! on the note just after \cresc but:

  1. it fails if the following note is too close (I just sent a bug
     about that on bug-): the "cresc." is not printed at all!
  2. I would prefer not to add things to notes other than the one with
     the \cresc .

So maybe you have some suggestions, like some (useful, universal) tweaks
I could use, or a new definition for cresc.

I do not want to create a "pCresc" or apply some of the solutions we
can find here:
since they all are unnecessary complex, tricky and most of all they all
have some prohibitive drawbacks.
I'd like something simple and without drawback (i.e. I could use
\dynamicUp without problem for instance).

I know I'm a pain in the neck but maybe you have that simple and
useful "miracle" solution.  :D

Thanks in advance,

Xavier Scheuer <address@hidden>

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