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Acciaccaturas under slurs

From: David Sumbler
Subject: Acciaccaturas under slurs
Date: Sat, 15 May 2010 16:35:22 +0100

Using Lilypond 2.12.1

Normally an acciaccatura is slurred to the following note.

However, in wind music for instance, sometimes an acciaccatura occurs
during a passage which is slurred already.  In that case there is no
reason to print an extra slur on the acciaccatura.

In Lilypond, if I enter:

a4( \acciaccatura b8 c4 d)

I would expect to see three crotchets (A, C and D), slurred from the A
to the D, and with an acciaccatura B on the C.

In practice, I find that Lilypond prints the notes correctly, but
finishes the slur on the C and gives a "cannot end slur" warning for the
')' marked on the D.  It does not print a small slur from the B to the
C, which is fine so far as I am concerned!

How can I persuade Lilypond to print a slur correctly from the A to the

Any advice gratefully received!


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