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Re: I just discovered the LilyPond Tool GUI Front end

From: Bernardo Barros
Subject: Re: I just discovered the LilyPond Tool GUI Front end
Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 09:41:55 -0300

I think it is really nice. But my MIDI Keyboard don't work well with
LPT, sometimes it even crashes jEdit.
I'm on OSX 10.5.8, last jEdit and LPT versions.

On 20 May 2010 03:23, Bertalan Fodor (LilyPondTool)
<address@hidden> wrote:
> Charles Cave wrote:
>> I stumbled upon the Lilypond Tool project on Source Forge
>> because it was mentioned in a post on this forum.
>> What a wonderful looking program!  I can connect me MIDI
>> keyboard and enter notes by playing on the keyboard.
>> I am surprised this program hasnt been mentioned more frequently
>> on this forum as it appears to be make Lilypond file creation
>> so much easier.
>> How many Lilypond Tool users are on this list?
> There are some quite active members using LilyPondTool. Even LilyPondTool's
> developer is on this list. :)
> Bert
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