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Re: Acknowledging LilyPond in a product.

From: Nick Payne
Subject: Re: Acknowledging LilyPond in a product.
Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 06:46:12 +1000
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On 21/05/10 05:40, keith Luke wrote:
I'm helping a friend produce sheet music for songs that will be included in an instructional DVD for playing ukulele. I had to adapt LilyPond to meet his requirements and managed to get everything except the phrase mark/slur on lyrics instead of the notes.

I did get a suggestion to put the phrase marks on the notes then use a program like Inkscape to move the marks to the lyrics. I had some problems using Inkscape as it changed all the fonts so I ended up using GIMP for any special graphics processing. I'll see if I can do this with GIMP.

I'm also wondering how to acknowledge the use of LilyPond in creating the sheet music. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Of course I'll have to ask my friend if he will include the acknowledgment. Just wanted to find out if any of you "engravers" acknowledge using LilyPond in your works.

I've been showing several friends what LilyPond can do and I might do a short segment about using LilyPond to notate ukulele music for a friend's ukulele builder's workshop program on CATV.
You could use something like the following in the \header block, which will appear at the bottom of the last page.

        tagline = \markup {
            \fontsize #-3.5
Engraved on \date using \with-url #""; { LilyPond \simple #(lilypond-version) ( }


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