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Re: Changing the default dynamics font

From: David Stocker
Subject: Re: Changing the default dynamics font
Date: Sun, 23 May 2010 19:27:40 -0400
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Try \override DynamicText #'font-name = "Linux Libertine Bold" and omit the font-series command. (I haven't tried this in your case, but I use similar font-name commands for my own scores and they work fine).

Hope that helps,


On 05/23/2010 07:18 PM, Martin Hiendl wrote:

I hope this hasn't been brought up yet.

I tried to change the default dynamics font with the following command:

\score {
  \new Staff \with {
    \override DynamicText #'font-name = "Linux Libertine"
    \override DynamicText #'font-series = #'bold
    \override DynamicText #'font-size = #1   

As I found out in the manual, font-name overrides all settings in
font-series, font-shape and font-family.

Does that mean that there is no way to change the default dynamics font
if you want to have it bold and italic?

Thanks for your help!

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