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problem with the space below a tablature

From: caserta pierre
Subject: problem with the space below a tablature
Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 19:55:22 +0200
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To illustrate my problem I joined 3 files that are:
- header is a file I include in the
- is a simple tablature
- example.pdf is the result of the lilypond compilation

the problem is that there is a large space between the last tab and the bottom of the page. (the actual height is 7cm) If I change the value: ''paper-height'' and reduce a little the height of the page (6.8cm), lilypond create 2 pages.
I just want a pdf as small as possible with just the tablature on 1 page.

As you can see I changed the property of the paper in the header file:
   left-margin = 0\cm
   top-margin = 0\cm
   bottom-margin = 0\cm
   indent = 0\cm
   between-system-padding = 1\mm
   paper-width = 7.5\cm
   line-width = 7\cm
   paper-height = 1.6\cm

the default value for paper-height is 1.6cm but I change this value in

I do not understand the problem.
Can you help me with that ?

Pierre Caserta

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