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Using the Piano template

From: Maarten de Keijzer
Subject: Using the Piano template
Date: Tue, 25 May 2010 19:17:58 +0200

I am using the “Piano template with centered dynamics” to engrave existing music to improve its quality for using it in MusicReader (a program to show and handle sheets on a computer screen).

I have been busy quiet some time to engrave Scarlatti’s Sonate L345.

I took the template, and split both staffs into two voices to enable what the sonata needed.

Now, all notes, slurs, finger settings, etc. are rather good looking, but I have a few questions.

Maybe someone can advise me. I include the Lilypond file.


1.       The template makes it rather easy to add dynamics, including cresc.
My current result however doesn’t vertically align objects like p,f and the cresc text and lines (e.g. bar 11 - 15). What to do about that?

2.       I had to adjust a lot of finger settings by using _ and ^, although I tried the \set fingerPositions (as told in the Reference) at several locations.
Where should such a setting be done to be effective?

3.       Can the same be done to force globally signs like . and > to above or below?

4.       The (horizontal) position of dynamic signs appear to be inconsistent (e.g. compare the p in bar 21 after 2 s8’s and the f in bar 27 after a s4).
How can those signs be positioned better?

5.       Is it possible to add e.g. rall. (at the end) to the dynamics, inorder to align with those?






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