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Re: spacing/breaking issue [time-sensitive]

From: Kieren MacMillan
Subject: Re: spacing/breaking issue [time-sensitive]
Date: Mon, 31 May 2010 11:36:18 -0400

Hi Graham,

> I think that manual breaks are the easiest solution.  You could
> separate it into distinct \bookparts, but that would be much more work
> than manually adding \break and \pageBreak.

OK...  =\

No disrespect meant to anyone, in particular Joe who has done a fabulous job 
increasing the flexibility and scope of the spacing codeā€¦ but:

MAO MAO-ING MAO, can we please resolve these spacing issues ASAP? Are we really 
comfortable telling people -- especially newbies -- that, in order to have 
Lilypond output good-looking scores, they have to:
  1. manually insert breaks in the music (ruining the separation of content 
from presentation, unless they use \tag which is stupid MAO-ing overkill); or,
  2. manually insert breaks in some score-specific variable with skips that 
they have to count and keep synchronized with the music?

Oh, and p.s. Noob: manually inserting \pageBreaks does not, by itself, 
guarantee that Lilypond will actually break pages *only* there: you also have 
to mess around with the mao-ing #'page-break-permission, and maybe something 
else we've forgotten to warn you about.

Sorry for the rant -- I blame the deadline pressure -- but it really is a bit 
ludicrous, and does not give Lilypond the best possible chance of impressing 
anyone out of the box. If this issue isn't on your "critical 2.14-killer" list, 
it should be.


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