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Re: Editing lilypond files with Geany

From: Tanguy Léost
Subject: Re: Editing lilypond files with Geany
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2010 22:05:01 +0200
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Federico Bruni a écrit :

anyway, I meant to say that I was able to hide/show all the notes inside
a variable or command beginning with \ by clicking on the - sign on the
left side of the editor

ok, you mean fold (or collapse) the code by clicking on the minus sign ?
I find it a very useful feature.

Yes, now it works fine. Thanks.
I guess it was a "copy&paste problem".

It would be nice to emprove the highlighting.
I'll try to study and work on it.
I wonder how other editors, such as Frescobaldi, implement the
highlighting feature.


Ok, that's cool.
I didn't know frescobaldi, i may give it a try some day.

If you want to imprive the highlighting, i guess you have to enter
most of the lilypond keywords, and there are lots of them  ;-)
I just took a score and entered the ones I use most in my configuration file.

Up to now I have these :
version book Score Staff score relative version header layout midi context paper simultaneous include time times key major minor bar grace afterGrace acciaccatura stemDown stemUp breathe

I can't get the color for comments to work, did you manage to do this with geany ?


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