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Re: Error Message

From: James Bailey
Subject: Re: Error Message
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2010 09:02:14 +0200

On 03.06.2010, at 13:17, Richard Lockwood wrote:

Hello Support,

Downloaded Mac version lilypond-2.12.3-1.darwin-ppc.tar.bz2 (I have a G5 10.4.11 PPC). Unzipped file, dragged app. into apps. folder and installed an alias in the dock. Ran the app. as per instructions: saved the file, compiled it and
clicked on one of the noteheads of the pdf. All good.
Then I started to write my own file. The notation is correct but I get an the
following error message when I run "compile" - "typeset file":
/Users/richardlockwood/Richard/Lilypond/Singing Name warning: no \version statement found, pleas add \version "2.12.3" (this is the version I
have installed?)


For future reference, questions such as this are better suited for the -user list. For you information, this message is generated when your input file lacks a version statement. The error tells you to quite literally, add the line, \version "2.12.3" to your input file.

Hope this helps.

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