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Re: XML2LY Bug

From: craigbakalian
Subject: Re: XML2LY Bug
Date: Sun, 06 Jun 2010 20:12:40 -0400

Hi Mr. Armenta,

I use regexxer to use regular expression to simply replace the R...
I replace it with R1*5/8.  I normally write in 5/8 instead
of 5/4, but perhaps R1*5/4 would work.  My musicxml files are from old
Finale files, and my 5/8s are transformed into some strange compound 
2+3/8 thing which really gets whacky when further transformed into a ly

On Sun, 2010-06-06 at 19:20 -0400, address@hidden wrote:

> Hello,
> I just wanted to let people know of a bug in XML2LY and the workaround
> I
> found.
> Compound meters such as 7/8 and 5/4 are interpreted incorrectly by
> XML2LY if
> the measures contain ghost rests. The program will output something
> like
> this:
> \time 5/4
> R1... |
> \time 4/4
> leading to layout errors when the file is compiled.
> The workaround I found is doing a search all and replace to something
> that
> would correctly equal five beats. For example, I replaced the above in
> a LY
> file with the following
> R4 R1
> This still gives the necessary ghost rest effects while fixing the
> columnar
> layout problem.
> Hope this helps,
> Josh Armenta 

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