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FW: A later note's stem can be to the left of an earlier note's stem

From: Richard Sabey
Subject: FW: A later note's stem can be to the left of an earlier note's stem
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2010 17:19:18 +0000

>Well it seems that this is two much of sharp signs for lily to make it fit the linewidth.
The example I gave isn't the actual music I'm trying to lay out! It is just a small test example crafted in order to show the effect of the bug.

>Try to add a \bar"" at the end of your \repeat unfold thing : \repeat
unfold 12 { \stemUp e16 fis! \change Staff = "rh" \stemDown g' fis'!
\change Staff = "lh" \bar""}

I could add \bar "" to get LilyPond to split the music up in this test example, but then the result wouldn't achieve my purpose of showing the effect of the bug.

In the actual music, wherever this effect occurs, there is just one beamed group like this in a system. The system contains two or more bars laid out very tightly. It looks as if, in order to lay the notes out so that not only are the noteheads in the correct order, the stems are in the correct order as well, there is just not enough room for all these bars in one system, so the last bar should be put into the next system. I still think LilyPond has a bug in that it thinks that there is room for all the bars in one system when there isn't.

>so that lily can output a clean score. Remind that it is a very common
use in virtuoso piano scores (Litz, Chopin, ...) for exactly the same pb.


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