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Re: Creating chord names like C7/F#7

From: M Watts
Subject: Re: Creating chord names like C7/F#7
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2010 08:27:05 +1000
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On 06/09/2010 06:07 PM, snozpacker wrote:
For a certain polytonal piece, I need to display chord names of the form
"C7/F#7".  That is, I need to be able to have an entire chord after the
slash, not just the root.

This isn't an answer, but a dominant 7th chord with its flat 9th & sharp 11th, contains two 7th chords whose roots are a tritone apart, so for now you could write C7b9#11.

C7b9#11 contains all the notes of C7 and F#7, as does F#7b9#11 -- same chord. (C E G Bb Db F# or F# A# C# E G B#).

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