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Arpeggio over some but not all the notes of a chord

From: Richard Sabey
Subject: Arpeggio over some but not all the notes of a chord
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2010 12:11:19 +0000

How do I arpeggiate some but not all the notes of a chord?

In the example below, each arpeggio line spans all three notes, but it should span only the lower two. However, if \stemDown is removed, then (as the source indicates) each arpeggio line spans only the two notes of the chord to which \arpeggio is applied.

Note that \stemDown changes the effect on the second chord, even though that chord's stem was downwards by default.

Yes, I could make the arpeggio correct by mixing stem-up and stem-down notes, but that is not always desirable.

I found this out while trying to solve a trickier problem (how to connect an arpeggio from all the notes in the lower stave to just the lower one of the two notes in the upper stave) but I post this simpler question in case solving it solves the trickier problem too.

%%%% begin example
\version "2.13.17"

music =
        { b'' c''' }
        { \stemDown
            <f' d''>\arpeggio <g' e''>\arpeggio

    \new Staff \music
%%%% end example


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