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Re: multi-tempi

From: Hans Roels
Subject: Re: multi-tempi
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 12:09:27 +0200

Maybe my question was't clear enough but I am not looking for a polymetric notation but a notation for different tempi, I want to remain the original parts in their original meter and tempo. I only want to adjust the graphical spacing to have a visual indication of the (unexisting) overall timing (a kind of underlying visual time grid).

(see further)

At 18:20 14/06/2010, James Bailey wrote:

On 14.06.2010, at 15:20, Hans Roels wrote:

I don't really know Lilypond well (I just had a quick look at the 
but I have some music notation problems and maybe somebody could 
tell me if
Lilypond is the right tool to solve my problems.

1. Is it possible to create a score with a fixed number of seconds 
(not bars)
per system?

I would do this myself. i.e., in 4/4, with a tempo of 4=60, and 
arbitrarily decide 16 seconds per system means s1*4\break

If the original is in tempo 74 and in 3/4 and I want to have 16 seconds per system, the break should be be after 19.75 beats. Is this possible without rewriting the original score to 4/4?

2. Is it possible to create a score with different parts/voices 
that each have a
different tempo? for example a score with a first part in tempo 56 
bpm, a second
in 64 bpm and a third in 92 bpm?

I would do this by calculating the tempo, i.e., 8=128 (8/8) / 4=92 
(4/4) and simply applying the principles in section 1.2.3 of the 
Notation Reference, under Polymetric notation.
Same remark now: suppose that the first part of the multi-tempo is in tempo 56 in 3/4. Is it possible to write everything on top of a 'hidden' time grid of tempo = 60, meaning that the visual length of a measure of part A would equal 3.21 quarter notes in tempo 60 but would be notated in meter 3/4 (3 quarter notes would fill the measure).
I had a look at the section about polymetric notation in the Notation Reference, I guess I need a combination of the scaleDurations command ( "Staves with different time signatures, equal measure lengths" ) and moving the Timing_translator to each staff ("Staves with different time signatures, unequal bar lengths" ) . Is this possible? Did anyone try this?

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