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show-break-places, a fantasy

From: 胡海鹏 - Hu Haipeng
Subject: show-break-places, a fantasy
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 07:34:37 +0800 (CST)

  Here's another serious problem (only with blind). Sighted people can check whether the page turn is disturbing the flowing music and troubling the players, but for me, I have to ask an assistant for help, since Lilypond can't export Musicxml, or Musescore can't open Lilypond file. Furthermore, if I'm asking an orchestra to play from a middle position other than rehearsal mark, they will search bor bar numbers, because I can't tell them which page and which system to begin. Then I'm thinking of an option for accessibility, thus writing out number of the bar at the beginning of every line as a line, then giving a new line for a new page. For example:
#(ly:set-option show-break-places)
Then in log file:
drawing systems:
(becauie I think the result only comes after generating graphics)



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