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Re: Please help with automatic accidentals!

From: Neil Puttock
Subject: Re: Please help with automatic accidentals!
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 19:39:01 +0100

On 17 June 2010 13:20, Dmytro O. Redchuk <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi!
> Please help --- "can't understand" (tm) "what's wrong" (tm) :-)
> Looking at that snippet below i would say that too few notes have natural sign
> cancelling preceeding sharp (only one). I would expect other voices have
> cancellations too.

The lack of accidentals in the first bar is explaing by the known
issue at the bottom of this page:

Looking at the definition for 'piano, it seems accidentals in other
voices are only remembered in the current bar, hence why there's only
one accidental present in the second bar.  You can tweak the
definition manually,

\layout {
  \context {
    extraNatural = ##f
    autoAccidentals =
      ,(make-accidental-rule 'any-octave 1)
      ,(make-accidental-rule 'same-octave 1)
      ,(make-accidental-rule 'any-octave 1)
      ,(make-accidental-rule 'same-octave 1))
    autoCautionaries = #'()

but there's still a problem with the lower stave not noticing the cis,
due to the durations all being equal in the first bar (this might be a
bug; I'm not sure without investigating further.)


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