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Re: bounties

From: Xavier Scheuer
Subject: Re: bounties
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 20:37:27 +0200

2010/6/17 Valentin Villenave <address@hidden>:

> Absolutely. That's why I've always said that we should have something
> like a "bounty thermometer" (such as the one they use for Blender's
> open movies IIRC, or as well).

At this time there is nothing on the official LilyPond website that say
"You like using LilyPond, support it!  You can donate to help improving
the development".
A good "nice-looking" thermometer could be IMO quite efficient if it is
visible enough to "lambda" users.

>  - step 1, we establish a public list of "most wanted" features or
> bugfixes, and developers who could be willing to work on these
> estimate the amount of time (i.e. money) required to address each one
> of these;

Totally agree.
This list of "most wanted" features would be very helpful to _really_
understand what are the most annoying things/lacks in LilyPond
*everyday usage* (i.e. "lambda" users).

There is sometimes a "gap" between user priorities and devel ones...

Right now it is already more or less possible to have a basic idea of
"most wanted" features (or "most annoying" bugs) in sorting issues by

But it is IMO a very limited system since

  a. "lambda" users do not use the bug tracker;
  b. if they have had a look at it they wouldn't know they can "star"
     the issue they want to be solved;
  c. you need a Google account to use the tracker (which can be really

> However, if Han-Wen's LilyPond-design experiment has to teach us
> something, it's that considering this only from a development
> perspective is not enough. Therefore, I do believe that we should
> *also* consider having "LilyPonding" branch, for newbies, musicians,
> composers, teachers, who sometimes need to have a large score typeset
> quickly but don't have enough skills or time or patience to typeset it
> on their own. Sort of a "rent-a-LilyPonder" service :-)
> Advanced users who could handle this type of jobs would get paid
> (obviously), but a part of the money could also go to development
> funding.

Very nice idea too.
That could be good for users who do not want to involve themselves in
LilyPond "development" (including doc/bug work) but who would want to
support LilyPond development in doing what they like: typesetting music
(even for other people).  :-)

> (Full disclosure: I have actually founded my own small one-person
> company to offer LilyPond-related services, such as publishing,
> training, composition, arrangement, LilyPonding of sorts, etc. And
> AFAIK, as of today there are at least half a dozen other
> companies/small-businesses like mine.)

Congratulations and good luck.


Xavier Scheuer <address@hidden>

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