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Re: invisible rest that takes no horizontal space

From: Peter Van Kranenburg
Subject: Re: invisible rest that takes no horizontal space
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 12:23:11 +0200
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On 6/16/10 1:33 PM, Kieren MacMillan wrote:
Hi Peter,

adding *0 to s[0-9]+ is easy. To add the \partial command, it is necessary to 
figure out the current time signature from the context, to find the start of 
the measure and to figure out the length of the partial bar, which is not easy. 
One has to write a lilypond parser for that.

No... if you have

   s4 s4 s4. c8 |

you could easily have your script figure out the length of the measure, without a 
"Lilypond parser".
Of course, I'm assuming you use barline checks, like the docs recommend -- 
otherwise, you may definitely be unable to use this solution.

These partial measures can occur anywhere. Not only at te beginning (see attached example). And, no, there are no barline checks encoded.

The example has been encoded as (starting at second system):

[...] d4. e8 fis4 e d2 s2 \bar ":|:" fis2 g [...]

So, my question is how to prevent the s2 from occupying horizontal space.


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