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LilyPond to Finale :-(

From: Urs Liska
Subject: LilyPond to Finale :-(
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2010 12:54:28 +0200
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Dear list,

I have a very annoying question.
Please don't blame me for anything but just help me or not.

I will have to somehow convert a LilyPond score to Finale :-( and would like to know if there is an acceptable solution for the task (well, even the task itself isn't acceptable ...)

The background is that I am offered to release a score for a major publishing house but they won't use my LilyPond files (which partly makes sense because the piece will eventually be published in a Complete Edition, and of course it should be the same as the other pieces). [Of course it is way out of scope trying to talk them into using LilyPond for the rest as well. So this is not a usable answer]

I don't have to provide a really printable file, but basically it should contain all the music and look somewhat correct.

My idea would be trying to export/import via midi file, so I would have at least the notes in Finale. I think the music isn't very complex, so this might even work to some extent.

But are there solutions that could transfer more information more reliably to a finale file. Probably via some intermediate programs/file formats? I see several more or less working solutions to convert music to LilyPond (which is what makes sense...) but not the other direction.

Any help or hints are highly appreciated. If I won't be able to provide a Finale file, the edition won't be published :-(


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