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Re: re:midi channel problem

From: alex stone
Subject: Re: re:midi channel problem
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 09:18:25 +0000

2010/6/23 胡海鹏 - Hu Haipeng <address@hidden>:
>> In the MIDI version of your score, you can try to include several voices
>> in the same Staff,...
> Thanks, I know it. The issue came when I used instrument changes such as
> pizz and mute, which create more sounds.
>   Brett pointed out in yesterday's email that Finale and Sibelius uses
> different devices at one time. But I ever met a beta version of Braille
> Music Editor (incomplete non-published version), in which more than 16 can
> be used, while it only uses basic GM, not softsynth or other vst plugins. So
> I'm totally confused.
> Regards
> Haipeng
> _______________________________________________
> lilypond-user mailing list
> address@hidden

I did put in a bit of a suggestion to tackle precisely this challenge.
But i'd wager that enabling lilypond to "show" its ports in something
like jackd is a bigger job than users would envisage.
It would require, in something like the midi block (or a new block
structure), the ability to assign port/bank/patch per staff, and per

So the default would be as it is now, but when the "\JackMidiPort", or
"\AlsaMidi Port" block is added, it exposes those ports directly to a
patchbay, instead of being invisible.

Assuming \JackMidiPort, the block might look something like the following:


Each port has 16 channels (of course), so the user can then assign one
of the ports to his instrument block.

In a perceived use case, the user could then assign bank and patch per
note, with something like \BankMSB, \BankLSB, and \Patch followed by
the desired integer.

All ports for a project, when the project is loaded, would show up in
your patch bay (and stay up, not disappear and re-appear), and you
could send the ports wherever you wanted, in my case, Linuxsampler,
and my somewhat substantial sample libs.

And because each port has 16 channels, the use could alternatively, if
he wished, use instead a command like \MCha (midi channel) followed by
a channel number to switch channels per note.

As i wrote in the initial suggestion, i have no idea if this is
feasible or possible in code terms.

I would particularly like to see something like this in lilypondtool,
as it's become almost a complete compositional environment for me,
only the playback remains a challenge.


p.s. Gentoo 64bit linux here, if that changes anything.



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