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Re: fyi -

From: josé henrique padovani
Subject: Re: fyi -
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 14:10:42 -0300
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Well.. I can review the code of "canto diviso" to put it online, but the score is already there... (there are two recordings of the piece)

I'm also finishing a work ("Impedance") that will be premiered next month...
excerpt attached..


PS: Don't know if it is an "esthetical" problem but I use LilyPond on OSX...

Em 24/06/10 10:23, Jan Nieuwenhuizen escreveu:

Read about Ubuntu's free culture showcase this morning on
Ivanka Majic's blog.

Title of the post: Art in the open.

First sentence: Are you a musician?

Dove right into the wiki and was saddened by the fact that
it did not mention LilyPond.  Tweeted @ivanka and she added it!

So now I'm looking for someone to take this up and send
in a composition in LilyPond to -- save me from embarrassment
for taking this up -- I mean, -- to win eternal fame :-)


PS: do we have/want a special place in the new website for
     original/new compositions made with/in LilyPond?

PPS: wouldn't it be nice if we had so many great composers
      in our userbase that we could stage a composition
      contest with a major release?


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