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anybody understand the instrumentCueName docs?

From: Keith E OHara
Subject: anybody understand the instrumentCueName docs?
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2010 23:18:38 -0700
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   I cannot find a way to use the documentation examples for cueDuring with 
instrumentCueName in a real score.
I'm thinking of writing up and submitting replacement examples, based on a 
snippet from the LSR.  First I'd like to see if I just missed the point of the 
existing examples.

1) The third example in "Formatting cue notes" seems to try to create a Voice 
inside a CueVoice:
   \new CueVoice \with {
     instrumentCueName = "ob."
   } \new Voice {
     \cueDuring #"oboe" #UP { R1 }
     g4. b8 d2
First, the Internals Ref says CueVoice is not supposed to enclose other Contexts
Second, I cannot figure out how to extend this to longer music with more parts. 
 For example, I tried to let a third voice quote a longer sequence of music 
containing the segment above (attached and cannot see a way to 
structure the changing voices to allow quoting from anywhere in the sequence.

2) Later, in "Opera and Stage Musicals" the example in "Musical Cues" does 
something similar, but without the \new Voices :
  pianoRH = {
    c''4 g'
    \set CueVoice.instrumentCueName = "Flute"
    \cueDuring "flute" #UP { g' bes' }
Probably we should not be setting a property in a CueVoice before creating a 
If I quote the piano (another attached .ly) lilypond 2.12.3 crashes in 
lily-library.scm, while 2.13.35 survives, but fails to quote the piano notes. 
The next manual section defines a function \cueWhile, that uses the same 
method, making it a bit more convenient to produce the same crash.

I think the solution is found in LSR snippet "Adding instrument name and clef change 
to cue notes":
Set the instrumentCueName property in the Voice context, not CueVoice.

This seems completely sensible and has worked perfectly for me so far, but is 
found nowhere in the manuals.  I'll make revised manual examples, as time 
allows, unless somebody can explain how the existing ones are supposed to work 
in real life.

Given that CueVoices are created behind-the scenes, I think that we users have 
no business touching them.

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Description: Binary data

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