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alpha test, spacing ajusments

From: Keith E OHara
Subject: alpha test, spacing ajusments
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 21:48:06 -0700
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Friends of the forthcoming Lilypond 2.14,

The third alpha version, 2.13.37, has resolved the obvious problems in the 
spacing mechanism.  The default spacing, though, could use some adjustment.  
Now is our opportunity to recommend good defaults.

I have been having fun testing the alpha version on a selection of well-known 
scores, both mine and some from : Chopin's Preludes, 
Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Debussy's Clair de Lune, Dvorák's New World Symphony.
Jan Warchoł has been trying it on choral music.

   Concentrating first on vertical spacing, two aspects are ugly :

1) The systems (that is, the sets of staffs that are being played at the same 
time) are stretched too much compared to the space between the systems.  If 
there is only one system on the page, it is stretched to fill the page.  
(attached pictures)

2) Lyrics do not get enough space between their neighboring staffs, as noted earlier 
in <>

What else?
What do you need to adjust in the vertical spacing that 2.13.37 does to your 
How do you do it?

We can talk horizontal spacing when we get bored with the vertical.


P.S. on what I am doing with this input.
I am starting to collect a short list of adjustments in a form that can be 
included in a score :
      \paper {
         \include "paper_adjustments.ily"
      \score {
        << a c e >>
        \layout {
          \include "layout_adjustments.ily"

The layout_adjustments file is, so far, mostly a big comment block listing what 
complaints we might (or might not) be able to resolve.  I'll attach it, 
although it only fixes a couple rare problems so far. (paper_adjustments is 
only comment so far)


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