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Re: Bug in ties over barlines

From: James Bailey
Subject: Re: Bug in ties over barlines
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 23:28:19 +0100

On Jan 23, 2011, at 11:09 PM, Joseph Haig wrote:

> I have (I believe) found a bug in Lilypond, and I am fairly sure what
> it is, but I would like to check with people who have better knowledge
> of music theory than I before I submit it to the bug list. In the
> following code:
>  {
>    \time 4/4
>    aes'1( a')
>    aes'~ aes'
>    aes'( aes')
>  }
> I believe that the first and third ties are displayed incorrectly.
> Specifically, the first tie should have a natural in front of the
> second note, and the third tie should not have a flat in front of the
> second note.The second and third ties should be identical, except for
> the type of tie used, while the first one should be different. Am I
> correct?

In short, no. There is a difference between a tie, interpreted by lilypond with 
the ~ symbol, and a slur, interpreted in lilypond by the ( ) symbols. You can 
find more information about the differences between them in your music theory 
books, but in short:
• A tie is used to connect the same note : { a2~ a }
• A slur is used to connect different notes: { g2( a) }
• When a note which has been modified by an accidental has a tie, it usually 
does not receive another accidental: { aes2~ aes }
• Accidentals usually only affect notes in one measure: { aes1 | a }
°  The preceding holds true even if the notes are connected by a slur: { aes1( 
| a) }

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