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Re: Using lyrics in a markup

From: jakob lund
Subject: Re: Using lyrics in a markup
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 10:35:53 +0100


2011/1/23 jakob lund <address@hidden>:
> 2011/1/23 Jan-Peter Voigt <address@hidden>:
>> Hello and thank you Jakob, hello list,
>> this piece is a great work. It compiles well in 2.13(.47 lilybuntu) and adds 
>> a very useful function to lily!
>> The .ly is attached again, because I think it is good to have it on the 
>> devel-list.
>> I would like to add it to LSR to have it in the main distro once. But it 
>> doesn't compile in 2.12(.3) stable, so it can't be uploaded right now.
>> What else should we do now?
>> Lilypond 2.12 complains about these lines:
>> ...
>> #(define-markup-command (verse layout props lyrics) (ly:music?)
>> #:properties ((display-nl #f)
>> (make-line make-justify-markup))
>> ...
>> by the way: Is this #:properties(()) notation a new functionality in 2.13? I 
>> haven't seen it before?
> You're probably right about the #:properties syntax -- it should be
> easy enough to swap make-line and display-nl with their default values
> (make-justify-markup resp. #f) in the macro code to make it compile in
> 2.12 (which I don't have installed so I'm not gonna test it) ... ?

I realized I had 2.12 installed as well..  After removing the
#:properties stuff and adding { } to \addlyrics, the new version
compiles in both 2.12 and 2.13 (the markup looks better in the 2.12
version though; seems that in 2.13, the lines are a little too close?)

Cheers Jakob.

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